How to Build a Wellness Routine
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How to Build a Wellness Routine

Do you ever feel like you are struggling to reach your goals? Perhaps you are feeling mentally and physically drained? Having structure and routine can go a long way in feeling happier and healthier, particularly when it comes to your wellness.


A wellness routine can take different forms; one size does not fit all. It may be that what works for your friend does not work for you – and that is normal. It is about choosing things you want to do that get you moving and keep you motivated, not forcing yourself to do certain things because of preconceived notions.

A day at the spa or a random walk one sunny afternoon does not constitute a complete wellness routine, merely a part of one. A wellness routine encompasses every aspect of your life and works to transform it into something that is naturally healthy – a creature of habit is not always a bad thing!


If you are unsure where to start, keep reading. You are one step closer to a happier, healthier you.

It helps to break a wellness routine down into three sections – nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Ensuring each is unified and balanced will contribute to your overall wellbeing. 


Correctly fuelling your body is a no brainer when it comes down to any wellness routine. When we deprive our bodies of the nutrients it needs, our health and wellbeing begin to take a hit.

Look to consume a varied, healthy diet packed with key macro and micronutrients. Think about adding in the good - what can you add to your daily nutrition that could enhance your health and wellness? Where do the gaps in your diet lie? When you choose foods you enjoy, healthy eating becomes second nature, and remember, healthy doesn't need to be boring. Easy, simple swaps can equal big wins.

Finding time to squeeze in a nutritious meal can be difficult if you are rushed off your feet with work and home life. This is where meal prep and quick recipes become your best friends. Head over to The Digest where you will find some quick, delicious recipes that offer an abundance of nutrition.

Forming your own rituals will ensure consistency. Here at Nuzest, we like to start every morning with a glass of Good Green Vitality. This healthy habit doesn't just form a part of a routine, but it also ensures we are filling any gaps in our diet with over 75 ingredients. Good Green Vitality is designed to tap into our health and wellness at a cellular level, supporting all of our body systems, from digestion and immunity to stress management, energy, and cognition.


Regular exercise should be a part of every routine. Not only does exercise enhance physical health but mental health too. Read more here about the mental health benefits of movement.

Find an activity that you genuinely enjoy. One that thrills you and evokes a sense of euphoria. If you are unsure what that is, now is the time to explore. Head to your local gym and take part in a class or two, connect with old teams you were once a part of, or check out that new running club in your area. Once you find an activity you like, it is easier to stick to, even more so when you are part of a community.

Schedule time each day to exercise - this doesn’t necessarily need to be the same time every day, just so long as you make time. Integrate your wellness routine into the pre-existing structure of your day; this will make the transition smoother, and you are less likely to fall off the wellness wagon.


Mental wellbeing


It is easy to fall into the trap that a wellness routine is all about the food you eat and how frequently you workout, but we often lose sight of the self-care and rest we well and truly deserve. Prioritising your mental health is where you can really upgrade your wellness routine.


More recently than ever, there is a huge emphasis on self-care, and so there should be. Wellness starts from the inside out; you have to take care of yourself to prosper. Be sure to factor in activities that bring you joy. This could be a pamper night, watching your favourite movie, or reading a good book. Remember, making time for yourself isn't selfish. 


No matter how positive we deem ourselves to be, we don't always wake up on the right side of the bed, every single day. Practising simple things such as gratitude or repeating a daily mantra can help drive self-awareness, confidence and a positive mindset. Take time in the day to jot down three things you are grateful for, or start your day off by telling yourself: 'I am focused and ready for the day - my body is healthy, and my mind is thriving'. Your list of affirmations can be simple, yet endless.


When you sleep well, you wake up well. We should look forward to hitting the pillow for the right reasons. As mentioned before, forming your own rituals will ensure consistency. Establish an evening routine and wind down ready for bed - dim the lights, get into your comfiest clothes and just 'switch off' to the world. Sufficient sleep allows our bodies to process and repair ready for the next day. 


A wellness routine should be attainable. If at any point something isn’t quite clicking, reassess and alter. Always do what is best for you and what feels right. At the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone. Allow yourself to be the best version of yourself every day.