Nuzest values collaboration with healthcare professionals, nutritionists, naturopaths, and wellness trainers committed to providing education and guidance to their patients and clients seeking better health.

Upon approval of your application, we offer collaborative opportunities, commission earnings, and the ability to provide discounts to your followers, members, and clients.

We have an awesome platform to make it easy & fun for you to join the program, feel supported and share your Nuzest knowledge.

What defines a Nuzest Professional Partner?

Someone who is passionate about our brand, our products, and our mission to making good nutrition easy for everyone. Someone who lives and embodies a healthy & balanced lifestyle and wants to help and inspire others to be the healthiest version of themselves.

Who can become a Nuzest Professional Partner? 

If you are a healthcare professional, wellness trainers, nutritionist or practitioner looking to provide exceptional care and guidance to your patients and clients, we welcome you. Ideally you have used Nuzest products yourself in the past or are open to begin using them, we find this is more authentic and beneficial.

What are the benefits? 

As a Nuzest Professional Partner you will receive:

  • A generous personal discount code for you
  • A 20% discount code for your clients
  • 20% commission on all client sales using your code
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Access to product information resources

How to apply:

Applying to become a Nuzest Professional Partner is free & easy. Simply apply on the link below, fill out your details and we will be back in touch from there.