Why is Good Green Vitality Beneficial for Female and Postnatal Health?
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Why is Good Green Vitality Beneficial for Female and Postnatal Health?

Diet & Nutrition Product: Good Green Vitality

Guest Author: Liberty Mills


As a nutrition coach, postnatal doula, mum of two and grandma of one, I know how challenging it can be to juggle your nutritional needs with family life. It's hard enough to come up with three nutrient-dense meals a day, let alone cater for people with different dietary needs or preferences.


Also, suppose you are a new mum. I know from experience it can be pretty tricky eating with one hand, holding a newborn in the other… Or if, like me, you now have a toddler and find yourself trying to eat lunch while they dodge theirs and throw it in what seems every direction but their mouth! That's why I love Good Green Vitality. When it comes to their food choices, I tell all my clients to think about Traffic Lights; Green is GO. But unfortunately, many people are time-deprived, and not all of our favourite foods give us the green light. Our energy drops, and concentration wavers when our diet isn't fully serving us. We reach for stimulants such as coffee and sweet treats. We peak the highs and drop the lows, and the vicious cycle begins again. Starting the day with a single glass of Good Green Vitality or topping up any time of the day takes the pressure off. This support in a tub gives you a multitude of vitamins, minerals and adaptogens, that will not only nourish you but sustain you for the glory of life's demands.


Not only does it taste nice, but it is practical too. "I love the fact that it can be added to water and doesn't taste like pondweed," my client's exact words when she bought Good Green Vitality on my recommendation. She was also happy that it meant she didn't have to buy lots of different supplements that come in the form of sprays, powders, and capsules - Good Green Vitality is a one-stop shop! It also frees up a lot of cupboard space and is perfect for travelling. When working away, I used to take a whole carrier bag of supplements just for a couple of days. Now all I have to pack in the bag are two sachets.


With over 75 ingredients, it is hard to pin down my favourite, but here are a few:


B vitamins


B1 (Thiamine)


It helps to turn food into energy to keep the nervous system healthy. Thiamine will help create a natural source of power rather than a spike from yet another coffee or a chocolate bar.


B6 and B12


These are two powerhouse vitamins that play a crucial part in the 4th trimester and beyond.


B6 plays a vital role in our nervous system. It aids the body by converting the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. This neurotransmitter helps regulate the levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. We all know how important sleep is to our daily function. Research also shows that it has a calming effect on the body and helps alleviate anxiety symptoms linked with premenstrual syndrome. Alcohol, smoking, and stress affect how the body absorbs B6, so it is essential to maintain healthy levels.


B12 helps the body produce well-shaped healthy red blood cells. When the blood cells aren't properly formed, people experience anaemia, becoming weak and fatigued. There have also been several studies that suggest a possible link between low vitamin b12 and postpartum depression; (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33596868/), so its good to get your check with your GP if you are a new mum.




We have often heard of women's hair falling out postpartum or nails becoming weaker. Copper, selenium, zinc and especially biotin impact the health and growth of our hair and nails. My partner always notices when I have run out of Good Green Vitality as my nails are not as healthy.




There are a plethora of benefits to consuming flaxseed daily for women. Flax is a high soluble fibre and a prebiotic and helps keep you keep regular, making sure you are passing your "toxins". It also helps to bring female hormones into balance.


No fillers or bonding agents


We’ve spoken about what is in Good Green Vitality, but what about what is NOT in it! 


Fillers, bulking agents, and binders are a huge deal breaker for me with my clients. Many health supplements are flooded with additives such as Maltodextrin. These bulking agents, in many ways, can contradict your desired outcome from the nutrients or vitamins in your chosen supplement. For example, Maltodextrin is often the first ingredient in many vitamins or supplements. Its GI index is double that of table sugar. Therefore, it spikes your blood sugar and negatively changes the gut microbiome. 


I am a vintage car addict and often equate the body to your dream car. Would you polish it? Valet it? Give it the best fuel and drive it with care? Yet, we wake up every morning in that magical dream vehicle that gets us from A to B, C and all the way to Z. I nourish my body and mind daily with Good Green Vitality to have the "vitality" to embrace each day and create happy memories from now and into my older age. 


Liberty Mills is a one to one Integrative Hormonal Nutrition Coach, Post Natal Doula and Wellness Writer. You can find her at @mills.liberty of https://www.integrativeliberty.co.uk