Nuzest Europe Workplace Wellness Reinvented
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Workplace Wellness Reinvented

Nuzest is a plant-based nutrition brand with an uncompromising approach. Every product and every ingredient is sourced, formulated and manufactured to the highest quality and is designed to help support us in our daily lives with the most efficacious products possible… But why stop here?

At the heart of Nuzest Europe we are a wellness company first and foremost and we do not compromise here either. Our products have the ability to improve everyday well-being through excellent nutrition. Within wellness though, nutrition only plays one role; movement, mindfulness and a healthy balance of time commitments are all crucial to feeling truly ‘well’. If we want our consumers to adopt a greater focus on wellness, we believe we must create an environment where our team can do the same.

We are experiencing unprecedented growth and with this comes huge opportunities and challenges for our team across Europe and globally. So balancing the needs of the our business while ensuring the wellness of our team is vital - how?

We start with Nutrition - everyone in the team, has a personal monthly allowance of Nuzest products.

We are goals focused not time worked focus and believe there is always tomorrow. Working 16 hours a day might create some short term wins to achieve our goals but this boost in productivity is unsustainable, if a particularly early morning call is required we encourage our team to take some time in the day for themselves or their family. The work will be there the next day and it will all get done, sustainably.

Personal wellness goals. This is a big one for us at Nuzest Europe. We encourage all of our team to set personal challenges then we support each other in achieving them. For us, wellness is in the everyday. It's about understanding what makes you tick... what you are passionate about and nurturing that fire in your belly.

'Wellness Days' are given to all of our team. Days in which we can take additional time off to pursue the things we love. Spending them however we wish, this could be cycling, snowboarding, skydiving, any type of outdoor pursuit or maybe just watching the morning sunrise with loved ones and a cuppa would do the trick.

To top it off, all of our team receive a monthly wellness budget too, which is there to support us in maintaining and sustaining a healthy balance while achieving our personal goals.

We are proud of what we do, but we are more proud to be a part of the team we are made of.