Triathlete - Harrison Rolls-King
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Harrison Rolls-King

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Harrison Rolls-King has been competing in triathlons for over 14 years with over 7 years of experience competing at an elite level in the UK and Europe.


At age 10 he competed in his first season of triathlon, winning his first of two South East Regional titles. From the age of 12, Harrison went on to race nationally (alongside regional races) in triathlon and cycling time trials, gaining vital experience for his more permanent placing on the British Triathlon National Elite Super Series, aged 15. For the next 7 years, Harrison raced the national elite series in short course, sprint and Olympic distance racing whiles having further opportunities to gain international racing experience in European Junior Elite Cups. At the end of 2018, Harrison turned his focus to gaining the professional race license for half Ironman and Ironman racing. Harrison has since raced 3 half iron distance events in the UK and Europe with a current PB of sub 4 hour 30 mins (2019). In 2021, Harrison will be racing at the Challenge Championships, Slovakia; his first attempt at hitting the criteria for his pro license. 


Harrison has been with the same triathlon squad and coach for over 14 years, Team Bodyworks Performance Triathlon (British Triathlon Satellite Centre).


In 2018, Harrison graduated from the University of Brighton with a first-class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science with Nutrition. During his degree, he covered a range of topics in sports and exercise physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition. Research and statistical analysis proved to be a vital skill during his degree. In his final year Harrison completed his dissertation research topic titled; The acute effects of overnight fasting on fat oxidation rates and perceived fatigue in 10,000m running. Identifying increased levels of fat burning when running at a steady sate prior to having breakfast. However, this level of fasting revealed mood state to be lowered and perception of fatigue increased. 


Harrison currently works full time alongside his busy training schedule as a Social Media Editor which he really enjoys! He also hosts a Podcast called Team Bodyworks Performance Triathlon Podcast, providing insightful discussions with athletes, coaches and members of Triathlon.


He is a big advocate for the healthy active lifestyle, and while he isn’t totally plant-based, over recent years he has enjoyed adding some plant-based meals into his diet for health benefits and to improve his environmental footprint. Harrison has been using Nuzest products to support his daily health and recovery from training. 


"Nuzest Clean Lean Protein shakes have been a game changer in my day to day recovery strategy. Helping me back up multiple sessions in a day across swimming, cycling and running."