Mellissa Laycy - Gut Health Coach
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Mellissa Laycy

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Mellissa is a Gut Health Coach and holistic chef. Her keen desire to help others through nutrition began with her own health issues where she suffered for a number of years with IBS, a low immune system, fatigue, PCOS, anxiety, and depression.


Mellissa spent years looking for an answer down the conventional route of endless doctor’s visits, prescriptions, scans, tests, therapies, diets, supplements and came close to the end of her tether, she then desperately tried searching further afield and spent three years traveling, visiting shamans and ancient healers with still little to no results. It wasn't until Mellissa returned home and started her course with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition that she finally found the simple answer she was looking for.


Mellissa's approach with her 1:2:1 clients closely follows this ethos as it was through nourishing and rehabilitating her own gut that she managed to align her mind and body to a level she never thought possible and now helps others to do the same.


"My work as a gut health coach means that I help clients with a myriad of digestive issues so it is imperative that I recommend only the best protein source to them and Nuzest is, in my opinion, number one. I use Nuzest every day and even travel with it too as it is just such a delicious, easy, and reliable source of nutrition that I can trust.


The team behind Nuzest is phenomenal and is the reason why this brand is such a success! the love, attention, care, and knowledge that goes into making this scientific formula is the reason why people who suffer from chronic digestive issues and autoimmune complications can still enjoy it and reap the benefits."