Join us in the May 50k to fight multiple sclerosis
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Join us in the May 50k

This year we are taking part in the May 50k to raise funds to support research into multiple sclerosis (MS). 

Why? Because of our Co-founder...

Multiple sclerosis is close to our hearts. Nuzest’s Co-founder, Monique Bolland, was diagnosed with MS at just aged 23. Not satisfied with the bleak prognosis she was given, her and her father Trevor looked to experts all over the world for advice—from neurologists and scientists, to naturopaths and everyone in between. As a result of this, Trevor and Monique planted a seed and developed a nutritional platform based on efficacy without compromise, bringing together the best of nutritional science and natural medicine. And so, Nuzest was born!

What is MS?

MS is a disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body. It cannot be predicted by medical practitioners, in fact, the cause of MS is still unknown. Unfortunately, MS is commonly diagnosed early on in life, between the ages of 20-40 years old, with at least two to three times more women than men being diagnosed. More than 700,000 people in Europe suffer from MS.

Our commitment to MS

Having a direct link and importance to the founding purpose of the brand, Nuzest has throughout the years fundraised for MS. Every year a significant percentage of Nuzest’s annual profits are donated to Kiss Goodbye to MS to support them in finding a cure for MS. Kiss Goodbye to MS is a global campaign dedicated to raising funds for research into the prevention, better treatments, and cures for MS. Globally, Kiss Goodbye to MS has significantly contributed to big picture impacts in MS by dramatically increasing the funding dedicated to MS research in Australia. 

As a company we are committed to enacting positive change on a local and global scale by giving back and being active with organisations that are accomplishing great things. In 2019 each global distributor got involved in supporting The Great Wall of China expedition through Kiss Goodbye to MS. We ran regional competitions, raising awareness and donations, and sent winners from around the world to partake in this adventurous fundraising initiative.

In 2020, Monique became an ambassador for Kiss Goodbye to MS. Through sharing her journey with MS, and inspiring the support of Australia, Monique will help to heighten awareness and accelerate fundraising towards finding a cure, pinpointing the cause, and finding a way to reverse the damage already caused. Monique has big dreams for the future of people living with MS and we do too!

How you can get involved

Managing MS is an ongoing process. Each case is unique to the individual, making it difficult to find a cause and cure, nevertheless, scientists move closer and closer each day. Scientific research is the key to changing the future of MS, but for research to continue, funds need to be raised. That is why each year during the month of May, across the globe, individuals take part in the May 50k challenge.

Hosted by Kiss Goodbye to MS, the May 50K is an online fitness and fundraising challenge for individuals of all ages and abilities. You can decide where and when to complete the challenge, in your own time and at your own pace. ⁠Run or walk. You decide. 

This year we have put together a Nuzest Europe team, and it’s not just for the employees, you can join too. To join, visit: and set your walk or run goals. Once registered, share the word about the challenge and raise funds to support MS research. Track your kilometres and challenge yourself throughout May.

⁠If you decide not to take part yourself, simply show your support to others taking on the challenge by donating at Follow the team's journey to 50k! We will be posting updates over on our May 50k page and across our social media channels.

It’s time to leave MS behind! Who’s with us?