Our New Partnership with Battle Cancer
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Our New Partnership with Battle Cancer

Inspiring People

We are incredibly proud to announce, that we will be the global nutrition partner for Battle Cancer, the powerful fitness and cancer fundraising movement.  


“We believe in the power of ‘hope’ whenever we confront adversity. 
Battle Cancer inspires, supports, and encourages hope for those of us impacted by cancer. We're honoured to partner with Battle Cancer.” 

Braedon David, Head of Company Nuzest Europe 


As part of our ongoing partnership, we will support Battle Cancer with events in the UK, USA, Europe, and Dubai and in their efforts to raise awareness and funds for cancer charities across the globe.  


Since its founding in 2017 by Scott & Freya Britton, Battle Cancer has had one mission: to inspire, support and unite people with one goal – and simply put: kicking cancer into the dust. A powerful movement, helping those affected by cancer, inspiring them in their darkest moments and supporting them in their recovery. From just one event in Manchester in 2017, Battle Cancer has come a long way, now hosting events in the UK, Europe, and USA, and has raised £2.5 million for cancer charities since then. 


The work of Battle Cancer is threefold and aims to: 


  • Raise awareness & funds for cancer charities by delivering epic fundraising events 
  • Connect a supportive community of likeminded people through the sharing of stories and experiences 
  • Promote health and wellbeing as a preventative to illness 


What to expect from a Battle Cancer event? The events are a playful take on functional fitness workouts and accessible for all fitness levels. Teams of 4 compete in four 9-minute workouts while at the same time raising money for a cancer charity of their choosing in the lead up to the event. The best part? Everyone can do it. Think sports day, but for adults. 


We will not only be supporting the Battle Cancer events, but also be involved in the Battle Cancer program – a free 12-week program specifically designed to make those post-cancer treatment fit for life and support them with a united community. By using accessible equipment and simple functional fitness movements, the program is suitable for people post-cancer at any age and fitness level. The program is not just for those post-cancer treatment, but also for those that have not been through cancer themselves, but have supported a close family member through cancer, and found their physical and mental health has been impacted. 


We are looking forward to partnering with Battle Cancer and supporting them in raising money and awareness, fuelling athletes and anyone post-cancer in their fitness journey.  


Learn more about the Battle Cancer event series & sign up to take part: 



More information about the Battle Cancer Program & how to participate: