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A Guide to Using Good Green Vitality

In theory, your diet should always give you the nutrients you need, but poor food quality, soil depletion and imperfect dietary choices can make that difficult. Now more than ever our bodies require extra nutrients due to environmental toxins and our high-stress modern lifestyles. Nothing should replace a balanced diet of real food – supplements simply help bridge the gaps in our diet, ensuring our bodies function optimally.


Our Good Green Vitality should be your go-to. Acting in concert, all 75+ ingredients in Good Green Vitality perform a vast amount of roles throughout the body - supporting all 11 body systems, from circulatory to neurological. Adding one scoop to your daily routine is a no brainer and it is very simple to do so. 


When to have Good Green Vitality


We recommend taking Good Green Vitality in the morning on an empty stomach. This allows the maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals, and also ensures that you remember to take it! Some people have noted that it has a gentle ‘awakening’ effect that can be of benefit on those mornings when it’s hard to get moving. The blend of nutrients that contribute to energy such as, vitamin B12, ginseng and folate, have been shown to strongly minimise tiredness and boost energy levels.


If you prefer to take your multivitamin at another time in the day, it is not the end of the world. Your body will still benefit from the vast amount of nutrients Good Green Vitality has to offer. Some individuals take it after a workout, or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


You should only need one serving a day for complete nutritional support, however those with additional nutrient requirements, due to activity or illness, may benefit from taking two servings a day.


How to take Good Green Vitality


Mix one scoop with 250ml water, fruit juice or your choice of milk. Because the powder is so fine it will easily mix into a glass of liquid, but if you do want to take it on the go it can be mixed/shaken in a Nuzest shaker. 

You may notice that at times some of the heavier particles will naturally settle if you allow it to sit for a while before consumption. Good Green Vitality is refined only enough to make it mixable, whilst also preserving some of the more fragile nutritional compounds. Simply make sure that you mix well and drink immediately, if possible.


As tasty as it may be for some, we understand that Good Green Vitality with water alone, may not be for everyone. So, why not add it to a smoothie, or a highly recommended combination is Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Vitality, Smooth Vanilla makes for a delicious flavour combination. Mix one serving of each with 400ml of water or milk - this way you know you are getting an extra boost of protein, as well as that extra boost of flavour! 


While we do not recommend heating the product as it can change the chemical structure of some of the delicate ingredients, there are many ways to incorporate Good Green Vitality into a meal or snack. This may be mixing it with yoghurt or adding it to a cheesecake - we have inspiration for you over on our recipe page.