Are Nuzest Products Meal Replacements?
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Are Nuzest Products Meal Replacements?

There are currently so many nutrition products on the market that we are often left overwhelmed. We are unsure of what does what, and does X replace Y? For this very reason, we often get asked whether our products, Good Green Vitality and Clean Lean Protein, are meal replacements?

We answer just that in this blog post.

Meal replacements


Meal replacements are designed to replace one or more of your daily meals. They can come in different forms: drinks, shakes, bars, even soups. There are many reasons why someone may opt for meal replacements above whole foods:


  • They are ideal for individuals recovering from surgery, or who are unwell and unable to eat sufficient calories.

  • They can be a healthier choice when time is of the essence, especially when fast food seems like the only option.

  • They are also commonly used to aid weight loss.


Although quick and convenient, meal replacements cannot provide our bodies with adequate nutrition. A diet consisting of whole foods provides essential vitamins, minerals, and other protective nutrients. Many meal replacements contain artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives and can often be higher in sugar. It is also important to note that meal replacements may utilise synthetic versions of vitamins and minerals.


Meal replacements are often a temporary, short-term solution. In the long run, they pose no lasting benefits. A meal replacement does not encourage healthy eating habits, nor does it provide our bodies with a vast amount of essential nutrients. A long-lasting change comes from embracing lifestyle changes and introducing healthy eating habits and food choices. 


Clean Lean Protein


Every cell in our body contains protein, which means it is integral we consume enough each day. Not all of us get enough from our diets alone. Supplementing with a protein powder is a great way to add more protein into your diet, if you do not have high-quality sources available or simply cannot reach your daily protein needs through food alone.

Clean Lean Protein is a premium natural protein powder made from the highest quality European golden peas. It comes complete with all 9 essential amino acids to encourage optimal recovery, vitality, muscle repair and growth.


Like many protein powders, Clean Lean Protein differs in nutritional composition in comparison to meal replacements, this is because it is intended for a different purpose - it is designed to add protein to the diet, not replace a meal. It actually lacks the variety of vitamins and minerals required to make it a valuable food source and the calorie content is too low to justify as a meal replacement.  


Not sure if you need a protein supplement? Head over to our blog post to learn more.


Good Green Vitality


Each system in our body (all 11 of them) requires a unique mix and sufficient pool of essential micronutrients to function optimally. And even with a healthy, nutritious diet most of us need to supplement with extra nutrients. Enter a multi-nutrient! Multi-nutrients are designed to enrich a whole food diet, promote overall wellbeing, and deliver high-quality nutrition in a convenient, simple way.


Good Green Vitality is a daily complex multi-nutrient made from a base of greens, fruits and vegetables, fortified with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Our formula is designed to support immunity, digestion, vitality and optimal wellbeing, with just one daily serve. With over 75 ingredients, it is no wonder we are asked: ‘Is this a meal replacement?’.


Good Green Vitality is by no means a replacement for a meal or a healthy diet. It is an addition to your current diet that helps fill any nutritional gaps. It can be particularly beneficial in times where nutrient needs are higher - such as illness, intense physical training, periods of intense stress, or when you are unable to access highly nutritious food (i.e., travelling). Read more here on why you might need a multi-nutrient supplement.


The bottom line: there is no substitute for eating a well-balanced diet. Supplements should not replace food; they should build the foundations of your diet. Our products help bridge nutritional gaps and should never be used as a meal replacement.